Hammock Tips and Tricks

Hammock Tips and TricksHammock Tips

Sleep along the diagonal.

This is not the most affective way to sleep in a hammock, the most affective way is to sleep on the diagonal of the hammock. Doing this makes it much easier to lay there without having your legs fall to one side or the other.

Regulate the tempurature below you.

This is because you will loose a large portion of your heat below you, one way to stop this is by putting a blanket or a “under-quilt” below you while you sleep.

Hang your Hammock at 30 degrees.

Hanging your hammock at 30 degrees can relieve a large amount of stress from your hammock making the whole hammock much more sturdy.

Cover your hammock.

Covering your hammock can a tremendous difference on a rainy night. That being said, on a nice summer night there is no need to cover it. That’s why a hammock that comes with a rain cover is perfect for all situations.

Hammocks that come with a rain cover and mosquito net can change the entire experience.

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